Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fabric Shopping Spree!!

Spent a beautiful Fall day in Pittsburgh fabric shopping. Went to what may well be my favorite fabric store ever, Loom in the Strip District:
I purchase some festive seasonal fabric to make a few little gifts out of. After my purchase was cut and on the counter, an older lady who was browsing looked at it and said "I was looking for some Christmas fabric...but this isn't exactly what I had in mind..."

But really, can you think of a better holiday print? I can't.

The next fabric I absolutely couldn't pass up. I can see in my mind what I want but haven't found the accent pieces.
I can see it cut into large squares, with sashing that looks retro, possibly some cocktails or martini glasses or something...I just think the print is fabulous and could make a stunning quilt.

The next two I bought specifically for a charm pack that I bought from Pure by Moda. The ampersands will be the backing fabric and the argyle the sashing/border. Got a tool that will help make a pinwheel  without all the tedious measuring and cutting.
Iit was a very productive afternoon, full of inspiration and I can't wait to get work on something!

I get to see my darling friend tomorrow, one I always knit/crochet with. She has a project she's stuck on so we'll be working on a crochet project for her adorable little girl.
More pictures to come! Happy crafting.

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