Friday, March 4, 2011

It's like Christmas Eve as a kid

I finally hit the road tomorrow, for real this time. Not like when I left Morgantown, since I've only made it as far as Pittsburgh since then. I had a lot of down time, some time to recover from the mania of the last few weeks of packing, paperwork and finishing up my job at Ruby. I've still been somewhat productive but have managed to get in a few naps.
I have my route planned and I got my new address today, so I actually know where I'm going. I've spent the afternoon (since waking up from my nap) googling pictures of my new neighborhood and apartment complex. I'm so very excited to be in that sunshiney climate again- all the pictures are just overwhelmingly blue and green.
I'll be stopping in NC for a night tomorrow, then in GA for another night Sunday, then I'll arrive at my new home Monday, in time to get Boris settled in and learn a few of the roads before starting work on Wednesday.
Boris seems to be pretty happy with the whole thing so far. He's totally unfazed by everything we've been through this last week and is still happy as can be.

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