Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Inspired by an item I saw while shopping online, I made an emergency trip to Michael's for some yarn to try to make cupcakes with. I wanted a flat cupcake so that I could string some together to form a scarf, and most of the patterns I found online were for 3-dimensional cupcakes. So I tried to wing it, and I'm not so sure I wound up with a cupcake.

But Boris does keep going over to it to sniff it so perhaps it resembles a cupcake at least.
I think I'm going to keep working on this until I get a good cupcake.

My morning project went superbly well, though. I had a blast tearing through these potholders. I used up all the Christmas fabric then made one out of some scraps that I swiped out of my mom's stash.

They have pockets on the back (top picture) so there's something to grip. I got the pattern out of a serger book my mom had and the pattern looked complicated, but turned out to be quite simple- genius actually.

I put my first Christmas presents in the mail today and couldn't keep the smile off my face at the post office. I've never been so early with my Christmas gifting and I'm loving it. It really lets me put the thought and love into it that the people in my life deserve.

Looking forward to Friday's free-motion quilting class...pictures will follow...


  1. Those pot holders are so funny! Cute. Makes me giggle.

  2. First, let me say, love the cupcake ... the beefcakes are drool-worthy :) ... no really you did an excellent job on the potholders! Thanks so much for sharing :) :)

  3. Thanks, gals! That fabric made me giggle, too. And the more I look at the cupcake the more I think it might look like a cupcake. Thanks for the feedback, I love it!