Sunday, November 28, 2010


I've always looked at little quilted pictures, where some interesting fabric is framed by some other fabrics, and have been wanted to do something similar but never seemed to remember that when I was picking out new projects. But it finally came to me while I was thinking of what to do with that awesome grey fabric I bought a little while back. I found some fabric to coordinate, but as it was predominantly white I didn't want to do anything large with it. So I thought it'd make the perfect frame.

Then I used my newly acquired and still shaky free motion quilting skills to quilt it. There's another one to come, but progress had to be halted in order to watch a nerve-wracking Steelers game. But it was a pretty quick project, and with a 2nd one to match I think it'll make for some pretty cool wall decor. I put grommets in the top corners and some sheer ribbon, but the hooks that I hung it on are obviously not what I will use- it was just what happened to be available for me to snap a quick photo of it.

Go Steelers!

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