Monday, November 22, 2010

Free Motion Quilting- hoorah!

I took the best class this weekend with my mom at Quilter's Corner on free motion quilting. We didn't make anything worth showing in the class because it was all just practicing a skill. But I had so much fun that I bought a panel to practice on. Turns out it's pretty quick to hammer out a small project and it was so much fun.

The fabric was bought with that picture printed on it- I did all the stitching on top of it.
I love that it's forgiving of mistakes and there's so much freedom in what you can do with it. Sooo much fun! I feel like a whole world has opened to me by learning how to do this. My mind keeps reeling with ideas.
I was the happiest kid in class when the instructor told me after a few minutes of practice that she could tell I was going to be good at this. Now, you know that's what we nerds love to hear!


  1. That's so cute. I love it. Did you use a foot attachment for your machine?

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I used a darning foot and lowered the feed dogs. Also changed the pressure and tension.